Global Reach, Local Impact is more than a slogan for the No Fixed Addresses team; it’s our goal statement, why we’re choosing to build this company, and what we’re working towards everyday.

Our goal is to build a global accommodation booking network that highlights hostels and hotels owned by residents of your destination. In doing so, we want to make sure our tourist dollars directly impact small business owners and economies. No Fixed Addresses will have a global reach of accommodation options, while making a local impact on tourism economies.

2020 has taught us so much. It’s impacted the world as we know it. It’s forced us to slow down, reevaluate things that we take for granted, and understand the value of human connection. That’s what we miss most about traveling, the people we meet, the stories we share, and the bonds we form along the way. That’s what is at the core of NFA. We believe that we can all play a role in supporting and repairing the tourism economy, and uplifting the communities that have given so much.

About No Fixed Addresses

Global Reach.
Local Impact.


Four years ago when I was 21 years old I boarded a plane to Madrid for a semester abroad, and I haven’t stopped traveling since. I’ve always been a curious person, and through my travels I’ve learned so much about different places, cultures, and myself along the way.

My background is in international development and if this field has taught me one thing, it’s that the small choices we make every day matter. They make a lasting impact on the people we meet and places we visit.

The idea for No Fixed Addresses came about when I was traveling through Central America, staying in homestays and locally owned hostels with the goal of putting money back into small businesses. I pictured myself as the one who would be contributing, giving my resources in a sense, but what I received from the places I visited and people I met was just as valuable, if not more, than my monetary contribution. I was embraced with open arms and people who were willing to teach me about their culture, country, and show me the in’s and out’s of day-to-day life, not just the tourist versions.

Through No Fixed Addresses I hope to create a platform where travelers have a better option. A way to contribute to local economies and families while having the opportunity to connect with local people. I know that I, like many others, am eager to pick up my passport again. When I do, I hope to do so in a way that supports those who have been impacted most by the pandemic, to do my part in repairing the world, rather than being a passer through. That is the No Fixed Addresses Vision.

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