Farmstead Round Top: The Perfect Weekend Escape in Round Top, Texas

June 7, 2021
Nicolette Barraza

The unsung hero of your twenties is the “girls trip”. It occupies a space between ridiculed and romanticized and is generally chalked up to an extended instagram photoshoot. The worst of the girl’s trip absolutely live up to the memes with the coordinated outfits and ensuing drama, but the best of the girl’s trip are moments where you eject yourself somewhere far from the small, constant demands of life and spend time reflecting, laughing, and crying with women who know you for all your ugly and still call you a friend. Some of my favorite of these trips have been out in the country; a cabin in West Virginia, a dairy farm B&B in Western Pennsylvania, places where the only things to do is appreciate nature and chat late into the nights with loved ones.

The late night chats, the big group’s meeting to strengthen their bonds is what Judy was envisioning when she had the fire pit installed on the property of her boutique hotel. She designed the hotel with groups in mind: family gatherings, corporate retreats, and yes the infamous girl’s weekend. The Farmstead hotel sits on 5 acres of land, with two renovated 19th century farmhouses. The homes balance the historical charm and chic necessities needed for a moment of total relaxation. The hidden gem on the property is a calm and cozy main hall that can be the setting of a meeting, a party, or commonly the property dining room. When it is the dining room, breakfast is being served and Judy wants you to come say good morning. She wants to hear about your day and watch you mingle with your friends and other guests, creating a sense of home, even if you are only there for a few days.

Round top, TX, like many towns that are heavily dependent on tourism is seasonal. For Roundtop the seasons change with the Antique Fair. It is the bread and butter for the whole town, not just the hospitality industry. Worry hung in the air after the first cancelation of the Antique show in Spring 2020. Thousands of dollars that help this economy in between the times of the fairs suddenly vanished and no one was sure if or how it was going to return. However, the pandemic has shown the town that there is an interest in Round Top, not just for the Antique Fair. Families and groups of friends from Houston and Austin have been booking stays for a new view while working from home or just as a chance to be with friends. An interest in Round Top outside of the fair has been exciting for Judy who sees Farmstead as an event space. Whether it is a corporate event, a small wedding, a bachelorette party, or a weekend away with the girls, it's a place for those who are looking for a chance to slow down, reflect, and strengthen relationships.

I am an adventurous traveler by nature; put me on a plane with a mystery ticket to a country that I have never been to. I miss that and I know that will be a part of my life soon again, but one thing I have grown to love is the smaller weekend “aways”. Making breakfast in my pajamas, cuddling on a couch with a friend, drinking wine sitting by a fire pit. My saving grace was these trips because they refreshed me for all the other adventures that life throws out. It’s why I couldn’t get over the fire pit. In an instance it showed me the type of trip I could have at Farmstead, one filled with love and community, the unsung heroes of vacations.

Nicolette Barraza

A person who will still go to New York after breaking an ankle; to Paris after being mugged; to Morocco after a severe storm grounds the flight; and to Copenhagen after leaving the hospital with E.Coli. Sometimes I write things.




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