Your All-Inclusive Guide to Lancaster Pennsylvania's Historic Market

May 29, 2021
Devon Pfaff

While we wait on the world to return to some type of normal, finding a market like what is located in Lancaster Pennsylvania is striking gold. Lancaster is located in the southern part of Pennsylvania, a beautiful community with a population just under 60,000 people, that is rich with history, restaurants, and shopping options.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania Market Street
Lancaster's Market Street

Lancaster’s crown jewel, the Central Market, was granted permanency by King George II in 1742. It’s housed in a building erected in 1889, and acts as a hub for local farmers to sell their goods. This community owned market is managed by 11 different Lancaster residents and stand owners, referred to as the Central Market Trust (a registered non-profit).

As we entered the Central Market, immediately we are greeted by hand picked and assembled bouquets of flowers from Central Market Flowers and Perfect Pots. The delicate flower display is just one of 67 other stands at the Central Market! Yes, 67 small and locally owned stands are present at the market, which gives shoppers plenty of choices. This market has everything from homemade crafts, seafood, cheeses, local produce, grass fed beef and pork, coffee and sweets. Additionally, there is a large Amish community who also sell their goods at the market. Still not sold? Well, considering the Central Market was named one of the top 10 best fresh markets in the world by CNN (2013), I can promise this stop is worth your time.



Lancaster Market Flowers
Central Market Flowers & Perfect Pots

Here are a few of our favorite vendors

Rooster Street Butcher: Working with local farmers, everything you get from this butcher is going to be fantastic and ethical. There are no hormones, fillers, or antibiotics and the animals are raised with free-range and a grass-fed diet. I highly recommend the smoked bacon, and New York Strips. When the holidays are around, look for specials on certain cuts and meats!

Product standards

Rooster Street Butcher

Lancaster County Coffee: It wouldn't be a proper post without talking about coffee. While shopping at the market, I needed a pick-me-up, which led me to Lancaster County Coffee. This small batch focused coffee creator is family owned and sure to give you the fuel you need to get through the day. Be sure to check out their blog for great recipes!

Lancaster Coffee Shop
Lancaster County Coffee Company


Lancaster Distilleries: 21+ beyond this point! Just kidding… sort of. Lancaster Distilleries is a must-stop vendor in the central market. Their vodka is smoother than Kim K’s skin in an instagram filter. And their gin was so good it didn’t give me flashbacks to college frat party bathtub gin. Was that even gin? Don’t answer that. I highly recommend the rose geranium infused gin and the pomegranate mixer. Maybe not together…. But hey, you do you.

Miesse Candies: Established in 1875, Miesse Candies stick to the best ingredients, creating a rich and delicious experience. This is the first time I ever tried chocolate covered honeycomb, and I am determined to buy more the second I can!

Other Shops in Lancaster to Enjoy

FoxDuck: Foxduck is a local and ethical clothing brand with roots in Lancaster. They specialize in custom and small batch printing and have a wide array of different t-shirt designs to choose from!

Zanzibar: Opening its doors in 1996, Zanzibar is a one-stop-shop for all your bath and body needs (they even have a great selection for the men too). They even have all types of gifts ranging from leather purses to a variety of soaps they will cut in front of you. I picked up this adorable llama bar!

Llama Soap
Soap from Zanzibar

If you have time, we also suggest taking a drive around the surrounding area to see some of beautiful farms in Amish country! Lancaster is truly a special place where there is something for everyone. We hope that our recommendations help you plan your visit!

Devon Pfaff

A researcher at heart, I have a passion for learning about people. My intrigue about the world and how others live has catapulted me into international travel, language studies, human research and a desire to do good for those I can help. Whether that means volunteering to teach English or building relationships internationally, I am always excited to create something new.




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